Aun aprendo; “Still learning.” One of Goya’s last works, a self portrait of an old man, leaning on two sticks, trudging onward. He composed it at age 80 and would die two years later.

It is standard protocol that I share “where have you been and what have you done” on the ABOUT page, therefore I offer my biography for the reader below. But what I really want to share on this page is who I am. Most importantly, I am a loyal, loving and blessed wife, mother, and friend to all those who love, respect and cherish me. And I am forever a enthusiatic student to all my life teachers and guides who inspire or teach me great life lessons and bring pure joy,  happiness and knowledge to each and every day of my life.       

Marta M. Money – Writer/Producer                                 

Over the last twenty years, Marta has worked as a writer, story editor and producer on over 65 independent film and television projects, a dozen literary projects, including writing 5 books, developing and producing 40 films, 4 reality series and 2 drama series for HBO, Lifetime, FX Channel, AMC, Showtime, StarzCinemax, The Disney Channel, The Hallmark Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, and TV Land.

Marta most recently wrote a media advocate memoir and 2 children’s middle grade books in addition to teaching a successful “How To Write Your Memoir” class.

Over the last few years she has worked in development and been a producer on a mini-series based on the successful book series How Few Remain written by New York Times Best Selling author, Harry Turtledove with Pierre Morel to direct and Stewart Harcourt to adapt the book into a screenplay. And produced two films for Lifetime Television, Amish Grace (the highest rated movie in Lifetime’s 10 year history and winner of The Christopher Award) and Secrets in the Walls. In addition to producing a biopic, JOURNEY TO JAMAA with World Vision & Believe Pictures. From 2010-2014 produced three films for The Hallmark Channel, Safe Harbor, Mrs. Washington Goes To Smith and Citizen Jane.

Marta spent five years as Studio Head/Vice President of Production and one year as Vice President of Worldwide Distribution for Roger Cormanʼs Concorde-New Horizons Entertainment. She was also the Vice President of Production for the Award-winning DNA Studio, one of the entertainment industry’s top companies for digital media and marketing solutions developing and producing original content for the online media.

She attended The London School of Journalism and Stanford University Writer’s Studio. She is a member of the Integral Leadership Collaborative and an Advisor and Trustee of GATE-The Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment founded by John Raatz, Jim Carey and Eckhart Tolle. She is a member of The Academy of Television of Arts and Sciences and on the board of the Academy Blue Ribbon Panel that awards the Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) Memorial Scholarship. She has held board member positions for  The American Heart Association, Explorers, The New Media Foundation, Marianne Williamson’s The Center for Living and Variety Club. And has given lectures or served on panels of GATE/StoryCon, UCLA, SUNY Purchase, SONY Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Chapman University, AFM, Hollywood Film Institute and The NY Film Finance Forum.


A loving heart is the truest wisdom.

— Charles Dickens

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