Places Books Live

Hundreds of books filled the built-in oak book cases in the living room of my childhood home, including a 51-volume Harvard Classics anthology of the greatest works of literature. Even though books stood on shelves all around me, I don’t remember being read to.

I faintly remember being read picture books in kindergarten, but it was not until my second grade teacher, Mrs. Coupla, read Benji aloud did I discover my passion for books and storytelling. I could not wait to get to school each day to hear the next chapter! I visualized every detail of Benji racing through town, meeting his dog friends, chasing the Finster cat, and seeing his best friends of all–the Chapman children. It was as though a movie were playing in my head.

From the moment she finished reading the book, I spent as much time as possible reading, starting with Dr. Seuss books, then Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew Mysteries. I spent countless hours at The Willa Cather Library in Omaha, Nebraska, and found the greatest passion of my life: books and libraries.

I love the places books live. I love libraries and bookstores and homes packed with books. Most of all, I love the way they live inside of me. And you. And every reader who has ever loved a great story.

My intention for this page of my website is to share—and celebrate—all the places books live in our world.







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